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"On s’étourdit aux mille jeux d’une artiste-équilibriste, à sa radicalité gaie et spontanée toute moderne"

"Laura Perrudin évacue les stéréotypes d’une pichenette" 

Les InRocks


"C'est un petit peu comme si Björk avait croisé Herbie Hancock dans un pub de Dublin"




"tout concourt : Laura Perrudin donne à entendre une pensée, un univers, un être."

 Le Monde

"Laura Perrudin fascine par son intelligence, son raffinement et sa modernité."


Ouest France




"contemporary artists shun classical traditions and conjure future-facing stories from the intimidating instrument, playing around with genre and electronic processing, as well as championing subversive new techniques. French harpist and singer-songwriter Laura Perrudin teases unexpected sounds from her chromatic electric harp"


"Perrudin’s strong melodies and poetic imagery make each song uniquely compelling."

The Guardian

"A dreamy confection of electronica, neo soul and psychedelic folk, threaded with vocal experiments and multi-tracked harmonies that soar and soothe. An arresting work by an artist destined for greatness."

Evening Standard




"This beautiful album brings together classical, folk, hip hop, rock and jazz: it’s a personal, original and highly musical vision."

London Jazz News



"Could we just say we LOVE the amazing Laura Perrudin and her superb album. Go listen!





"The harp is like a texture box that Perrudin can make sound like a drum, a heart beat, a guitar... or a harp"

NPR - Pri's The World




"Music in the gray areas between the musical classifications by an artist who ignore the usual boundaries between genres"

New Sounds




"Laura Perrudin loops chanting vocals, percussive bars of beatboxing and layers of her custom-made chromatic harp to create enchanting experimental jazz and hip-hop"

The Line of Best Fit




"She mixes darkly magical, dream-inspired imagery with curious and slightly queasy sound design. Perrudin’s silky voice is the bow that wraps it all together, keeping it loosely tied to the surface while exploring the murky depths"


The Monitors


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