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The Ghost Orchestra Live Setup

     On stage or in unusual places, Laura Perrudin sings, plays and arranges a very personal “orchestral” live music : each sound she makes with her harp or her voice can be processed with effect pedals, spatialized, recorded and looped, deploying a very wide sound spectrum.

     The harp is played in multiple ways (prepared with objects stuck in the strings, struck with sticks or mallets...) and can sometimes evoke electronic drums, basses or even guitars... with a very singular sound quality.

     In order to give each sound its own physical identity and an organic feel to the whole picture, some sounds are rooted in a bass amp, a guitar amp or are transmitted to a snare and a bass drum which react to the audio, creating the feeling that they are playing by themselves.

On top of that, some abstract and aerial sound materials are creating a perpetual movement of multicast random paths in the room.

     Laura Perrudin and her “virtual musicians” creates a very immersive “Ghost Orchestra” sound in three dimensions. The performance is mixed by Jérémy Rouault as he would mix a real orchestra, even if a solo performance is happening on stage.

     Using only the harp and the voice as sound sources, Laura Perrudin's playing and singing are the beating hearts of a wide electroacoustic and poetic ecosystem (that actually looks like a strange giant octopus).

     Using no pre-produced sound, no metronome or quantization, her virtuoso live-looping differs from predictable and systematic forms that one can sometimes fear from this technology. Everything is moving, evolving, alive. Here, electronic music is about the present human gesture.

Laura Perrudin - vocals, electric chromatic harp, effects, multi-track looper, rooting

Jéremy Rouault - Sound


Thibault Galmiche - Lights

Laura Perrudin uses the multichannel looper software Repetito

Installation Orchestre Fantôme carré.jpg
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