"Perrudin’s strong melodies and poetic imagery make each song uniquely compelling"

The Gardian

"An arresting work by an artist destined for greatness"

London Evening Standard

"Could we just say we LOVE the amazing Laura Perrudin and her superb album. Go listen!"


"she makes us travel all over the world, and helps us to rediscover the harp, far from the clichés usually associated with it."


"It's rather as if Björk had chanced upon Herbie Hancock in a Dublin pub"


"Laura Perrudin is only at the beginning of her artistic carer, but she has already redefined the framework of the harp and we are sure that her singular universe will become an example."





"Laura Perrudin ignores the stereotypes on her first solo album. t is stunning to listen to the thousand games of atightrope artist, her cheerful and spontaneous radicalism, definitely modern"


Les Inrocks



"Laura Perrudin delivers a very convincing album, she expresses her whole musical milieu with greatdexterity. Her voice is clear, the repertoire of original songs builds a unique world. All combined: Laura Perrudin suggests a thought, a universe, a being."


Le Monde



"Laura Perrudin fascinates by her intelligence , her refinement, and her modernity."


Ouest France